grill cleaner

Wooden BBQ grill cleaner, made from completely natural and long-lasting birch hardwood.

The benefits of a wooden scraper are that it won’t scratch the grill, it customizes to your BBQ, and it doesn’t leave any bristles behind that can get stuck in your food with potentially dire consequences. Unfortunately, every year numerous people end up in the hospitals after ingesting bristles to the point that Health Canada is now considering banning grill brushes. Our BBQ Scraper provides a safe alternative.

Other benefits of the BBQ Scraper:

  • Keeps your family safe; No dangerous steel bristles that can get stuck into your food
  • Keeps your BBQ safe. Will never damage porcelain, ceramic or stainless steel grills
  • Ships without any grooves so it can customize to your grill’s specifik grate pattern as you use it 
  • Saves you from wasting money on brushes and replacement grills; BBQ Scraper lasts for years
  • User friendly, modern,  and minimalistic design that fits all types of BBQs
  • Made in Canada

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